General questions about Etias Italy

There are several differences between ETIAS and a traditional visa. Firstly, ETIAS is an travel authorization that can be obtained exclusively through an online application. There is no need to go to an Embassy or Consulate to apply, as is the case with most traditional visa options. Unlike most visas, the ETIAS authorization eliminates the […]

Everyone who is from an eligible country will be required to have an approved ETIAS to enter Italy in 2021. However, parents or guardians will be able to complete the application on behalf of their children while also providing their details and identifying their relationship with the minor. According to the EU, an application can […]

At this time, travelers with a Schengen visa are not required to have an ETIAS. However, it must be noted that ETIAS will be available for citizens of countries that are currently exempt from applying for a Schengen visa to travel to the region. In other words, those who are eligible for ETIAS do not […]

Once an ETIAS application is approved by the system, the ETIAS visa waiver for Italy would be valid for a period of three consecutive years or until the passport expires. If the passport expires before the three year period, the ETIAS will no longer be valid. An ETIAS is electronically linked to a biometric passport, […]

ETIAS Italy is expected to be implemented in the year 2021. The European Union has gone through several steps since ETIAS was first proposed in November 2016. The European Commission and the European Parliament have voted in favor of the system and the plan for creating the system is moving forward. On October 2018 the […]

Questions about Etias application

The ETIAS system is being developed at this time. With that said, it is expected that completing an ETIAS Italy application form will take only a few minutes. The application will be straightforward and will include a series of security questions. Travelers must be able to provide: Full name. Address and other contact information, including […]