How long is the ETIAS authorization valid for enter Italy?

Once an ETIAS application is approved by the system, the ETIAS visa waiver for Italy would be valid for a period of three consecutive years or until the passport expires. If the passport expires before the three year period, the ETIAS will no longer be valid.

An ETIAS is electronically linked to a biometric passport, therefore, if it is no longer valid, the holder of that passport will need to renew their passport and complete a new ETIAS application with the updated information. A valid passport is a general requirement to enter any country in the Schengen Zone.

A traveler who wishes to visit Europe, more specifically the Schengen Zone, at the end of the year 2022 will need to have a valid ETIAS upon arrival. When traveling to Italy, eligible citizens will be expected to have an approved ETIAS Italy.

Citizens with dual nationalities are also required to have a valid ETIAS when traveling to Italy or any of the other 25 nations in the Schengen Area. They should apply with a valid passport from an eligible country and provide the necessary information on their application form.

ETIAS should always be completed with the information as it appears on the passport. The ETIAS system will crosscheck all of the details provided to identify individuals that may be committing fraud or that may pose a threat to the Schengen area.