When will ETIAS Italy be implemented?

ETIAS Italy is expected to be implemented in the year 2022. The European Union has gone through several steps since ETIAS was first proposed in November 2016. The European Commission and the European Parliament have voted in favor of the system and the plan for creating the system is moving forward.

On October 2018 the regulations for the establishment of the ETIAS system entered into full force. The European Parliament and the European Council Regulations 2018/1240 and 2018/1241 were officially published in the EU Office Journal on September 5th, 2018.

The eu-LISA agency is developing the ETIAS system to make it available for eligible citizens. According to the EU the ETIAS travel authorization would be launched in the year 2022 and it would be a mandatory entry requirement for citizens of more than 60 countries.

The EU sees the ETIAS visa waiver as a tool to contribute to the security of the region. The ETIAS system will contrast the data provided by travelers against a series of security databases. Information provided by an applicant will be evaluated automatically. According to the EU, most applications would be processed within minutes.