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Travelers from Chile visiting Italy can presently enter the country without a visa. This visa-free condition that Chileans enjoy is due to the visa waiver agreement shared between Chile and the European Union.

Chilean nationals can continue to travel to Italy and the rest of the Schengen Area just by presenting their passport upon arrival until 2022.

Nevertheless, it will soon be necessary to apply for ETIAS Italy for Chileans prior to their departure.

ETIAS stands for European Travel Information and Authorization System. The scheme was approved by the European Commission in 2016 and has been under gradual implementation since.

The ETIAS visa waiver is scheduled to launch in late 2022 after which ETIAS Italy will become an entry requirement for Chileans and citizens from 60 other visa waiver countries.

ETIAS Requirements for Chilean Citizens

Obtaining an ETIAS Italy from Chile will not reintroduce visa-like obligations. The application process will be simple and straightforward.

The ETIAS Italy for Chilean passport holders is a requirement for all trips that comply with the following specifications:

  • Travel destination is Italy or the rest of the Schengen Area.
  • Purpose of the trip is either tourism, leisure, business, or transit.
  • Duration of the stay is under 90 days.

Personal information for the ETIAS Italy

In order to obtain an ETIAS Italy for Chilean nationals, applicants must fill out a simple online form with the following information:

etias italy requirements
  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Passport number
  • Passport country
  • Passport issuance date
  • Passport expiration date
  • Intended date of arrival in the Schengen Area
  • First country of intended entry into Schengen (Italy or another Schengen member state)
Pro tip: All applicants are advised to answer these questions honestly and revise all of the information introduced in the ETIAS Italy application form. All the details must coincide exactly with the information printed on the applicant’s passport. Any errors or discrepancies may cause unnecessary delays.

What Documents Do I Need for the ETIAS Italy?

Applicants will need the following ETIAS Italy requirements for Chileans to request the travel authorization:

  • A valid passport that remains current for at least 3 months beyond the intended travel dates.
  • An email address that the Chilean applicant has access to, where the ETIAS Italy will be sent, once the application has been processed.
  • A credit or debit card with which the applicant can pay for the relevant ETIAS Italy fees.

Nationals with more than one passport will find our guide on how to apply for ETIAS with dual citizenship particularly useful.

etias information
Chileans traveling to Italy at the end of 2022 and beyond will have to fill out a simple online application form once they have all the above requirements at hand to obtain an ETIAS Italy.

The ETIAS Italy application form will require applicants to fill out their personal, passport and travel information.

Medical info for Chilean citizens

etias medical information
Applicants will also be asked to answer some simple questions regarding their travel, criminal and health history.

These questions aim to determine whether the applicant poses any type of risk to the security and wellbeing of the European Union. The EU is implementing the ETIAS in order to improve security within the Schengen borders as well as continue the fight against terrorism.

Furthermore, Chileans visiting on an ETIAS Italy should make sure that their health insurance covers healthcare expenses that may arise during their stay.

In addition, Chilean travelers carrying prescription medication while visiting Italy or any other Schengen member state must make sure their medication remains in its original packaging.

Chilean visitors who need to reach emergency services in Italy may do so by dialing 112.

ETIAS Italy Benefits for Chileans citizens

The ETIAS Italy travel authorization will offer Chilean holders multiple advantages, including:

  • More efficient and faster border control upon arrival.
  • Increased security during their visit.
  • The ETIAS can be obtained entirely online, without the need to wait in line at an embassy or consulate to apply.
  • Most ETIAS Italy applications from Chile will be approved within the first 24 hours.
  • ETIAS Italy grants Chilean holders up to 90 days per 180-day period.
  • A single ETIAS can be utilized during its 2-year validity period.
  • ETIAS holders from Chile are granted entry to visit both Italy and 25 other European Schengen nations.
  • ETIAS Italy is a multiple entry travel authorization that can be used for unlimited trips during its validity as long as the passport used remains current.

Although most applications for ETIAS Italy from Chile should be quickly approved, travelers are advised to submit their request at least 3 business days in advance, to allow sufficient processing time.

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