Requirements for Guatemalans

ETIAS Requirements for Guatemalan Citizens

The European Union has designed a new electronic system to screen third-country passengers and ensure the smooth running of border operations and protect the safety of all people within the Schengen territory.

The scheme, called ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) will be launched at the end of 2022 and adopted by all Schengen member countries, including Italy. For Guatemalans and other eligible nationals, this means that starting from that moment, individuals who wish to visit Italy and the other European countries will need to register with ETIAS before they can travel.

At the moment, Guatemalans and the citizens of other countries included in the ETIAS system can enter Europe without a visa. Their visa-free status will not change after 2022. ETIAS is not a visa, but it will still be mandatory for Guatemalans who intend to cross the European external borders.

ETIAS is an electronic travel authorization that can be applied for completely online in minutes from anywhere in the world. In order to obtain it, foreigners must meet the ETIAS requirements and provide:

  • A valid and eligible passport
  • A current email address to receive official communications
  • A credit or debit card enabled for online purchases to pay the application fee
Each Guatemalan traveler must obtain their own, individual ETIAS in order to gain access to Europe. Minors must apply for ETIAS too but can be assisted by a parent or guardian.

Personal Information for the ETIAS Italy

In order to request an ETIAS authorization, Guatemalan citizens must complete the ETIAS online application form in all of its parts.

etias italy requirements
The questionnaire will ask the applicant for some personal, passport, and contact information as well as details that can help establish that the traveler does not represent a threat to the health and security of Europeans.

Information to be provided include:

  • Full name
  • Date and place of birth
  • Nationality
  • Home and email address
  • Telephone number
  • Passport number, date of issue and expiry date
Guatemalans must also indicate which one of the 26 Schengen countries they intend to enter first. This allows European authorities to have enough resources at the airport or other points of entry.

After being granted access, ETIAS holders will enjoy the same freedom of movement within the EU that European citizens have. This means that except for extraordinary circumstances and restricted areas, they will not need to go through passport control again when entering another Schengen country.

What Documents Do I Need for the ETIAS Italy?

The documents passengers will need to obtain an ETIAS and cross the border are the same whether one intends to visit Italy or another participating country first.

A Guatemalan passport is necessary in order to complete the application. The passport must have a validity of at least 3 months from the intended date of departure. Should the passport expire before the ETIAS permit does, a new authorization must be obtained with the new passport.

etias information

The information shown in the passport must match the one provided in the application exactly. Should there be discrepancies between the passport and the ETIAS form, the authorization may be deemed invalid and the traveler may be denied entry.

Depending on the specific circumstances, some travelers may be required further supporting documentation. All documents can be uploaded electronically as part of the online application.

Medical Info for Guatemalan Citizens

etias medical information

Italy boasts a modern and efficient public health system. Tourists will be able to find pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics easily across the national territory should the need arise.

However, non-EU citizens are not covered by the European public healthcare program. This means that Guatemalans are strongly advised to purchase health insurance coverage for the entirety of their trip to Italy and other Schengen member states.

Should ETIAS holders need to travel with prescription drugs, these should be clearly labeled and carried in their original containers to avoid issues during the customs check process.

Water is safe to drink in Italy from taps and public fountains and the country is not affected by diseases that require special vaccines.

The unified emergency number is 112 in Italy. The line allows individuals to request the assistance of an ambulance, the police, and firefighters.

ETIAS Italy Benefits for Guatemalan Citizens

ETIAS is being implemented to strengthen security at the Schengen external borders while at the same time simplify the process of obtaining authorization to enter the area.

For Guatemalan citizens, this means:

  • A safer journey to and across Europe
  • Quicker waiting times at the airport or other points of entry

Thanks to ETIAS, Guatemalans will be allowed to visit Europe for a total validity period of 3 consecutive years and will be granted multiple entries of up to 90 days each.

Obtaining an electronic travel authorization is easy: it only takes minutes to complete the online application and the visa waiver will be sent to the applicant via email within a few days or even hours.

The data collected thanks to the electronic system will be shared between European law enforcement agencies, meaning that the local authorities will be better equipped to fight serious crimes such as:

  • Identity theft
  • Drug, weapon, and people trafficking
  • International terrorism

However, traveler information will be securely encrypted and accessed by authorized personnel only such as border control and police officers.

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