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In 2022, the European Union plans to introduce the European Travel Information and Authorization System, or ETIAS, as a travel security measure for countries within the Schengen Area. The ETIAS will act as a visa waiver for New Zealanders traveling to Italy, as well as for citizens of the 61 other countries which are currently not required to apply for a visa to visit Schengen countries. The ETIAS Italy for New Zealanders will grant visitors from New Zealand authority to enter Italy prior to their departure from New Zealand.

ETIAS Requirements for New Zealand Citizens

To meet the ETIAS Italy requirements for New Zealanders, travelers will need to provide the following:

  • A valid New Zealand passport
  • An active debit or credit card
  • A valid email address

Once these requirements have been met, the application form for ETIAS Italy for New Zealanders may be completed online from any internet-connected device. To apply for ETIAS to visit Italy, New Zealanders need to submit their basic personal information and passport details and to answer some questions on their past travel, criminal history and health record.

New Zealanders traveling to Italy can apply for their ETIAS quickly and easily. While applications may take up to 72 hours to be processed, they are generally approved within minutes.

According to the ETIAS Italy requirements for New Zealanders, minors must apply for ETIAS to visit Italy separately from their parent or guardian. If a parent completes a child’s ETIAS application form on the child’s behalf, the parent must submit their own personal details along with the application.

Personal Information for the ETIAS Italy

etias italy requirements

The ETIAS Italy for New Zealanders requires travelers to submit a list of personal information along with their application. The information required is:

  • Full name exactly as it appears on passport
  • Birth date and place of birth
  • Gender
  • Home address
  • Email address and other contact details
  • Passport number
  • Passport issue date and expiry date
  • Nationality as stated on passport

To apply for ETIAS to visit Italy, New Zealanders also need to declare which Schengen Area country they intend to visit first. This is because the ETIAS Italy for New Zealanders grants travelers authorization to enter any Schengen Area state for of up to 90 days within a 180-day time period. Visitors should note, however, that the ETIAS does not guarantee entry into the Schengen Area, and that the ultimate decision rests with the border patrol officers at the port of entry for New Zealanders traveling to Italy.

When New Zealanders apply for ETIAS to visit Italy, the information they provide is submitted to a list of security databases within the European Union. Any ETIAS application that triggers an alarm within these databases will be reviewed manually. Rejected applications for ETIAS Italy for New Zealanders may be appealed by providing further documentation to support the original application.

What Documents Do I Need for the ETIAS Italy?

ETIAS Italy requirements for New Zealanders state that all ETIAS applicants from New Zealand need a valid New Zealand passport. The passport must remain valid throughout the application process, upon arrival into Italy, and for no less than three months after the traveler intends to leave the Schengen Area.

The ETIAS Italy for New Zealanders will only be valid if the passport it is attached to is also valid. If the passport expires, the ETIAS is considered invalid and a new application must be submitted. An ETIAS remains valid for three years once approved, but cannot be renewed once expired.

etias information

Medical Info for New Zealand Citizens

etias medical information

While New Zealanders Traveling to Italy do not need to take any special health precautions when visiting Italy or the Schengen Area, they are nonetheless advised to follow news, travel and health updates and advisories from both New Zealand and the European Union in preparation for their trip.

Furthermore, those intending to apply for ETIAS to visit Italy should ensure they are adequately covered by their health insurance before they travel to Italy, as non-EU nationals do not receive automatic health coverage within the EU. For New Zealanders traveling with prescription medications, it is recommended that all medicines be stored in their original packaging and clearly labeled. The emergency services can be reached in Italy by calling 112.

ETIAS Italy Benefits for New Zealand Citizens

The ETIAS is designed to fight terrorism and other threats within the European Union and to make travel inside the Schengen Area more secure. This means that New Zealanders traveling to Italy will be safer and better protected from potential dangers during their stay in Italy and neighboring countries.

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