Requirements for British

ETIAS requirements for UK citizens

The ETIAS Italy for British citizens is an upcoming travel authorization for all member countries of Europe’s Schengen Area (including Italy) once the system is introduced.

The European Union (EU) plans to launch the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) in 2022. This visa waiver will be available to citizens of all 62 countries that currently enjoy visa exemption for the Schengen Area.

It will also be an entry requirement for British nationals now that the United Kingdom (UK) has left the EU.

Until recently, the UK was a member of the EU and as such, its citizens had the right to free movement throughout other member states. After Brexit, British passport holders are still visa-exempt for EU countries, but will be required to register with ETIAS after 2022.

There are a number of ETIAS Italy requirements for British travelers. The following items must be provided to complete the online application:

  • Valid UK passport (with a minimum of 3 months’ validity)
  • Payment method (credit or debit card) to pay the processing fee
  • Current email address

British citizens who meet these ETIAS Italy requirements can obtain the travel authorization by filling in the simple online application questionnaire. The approved ETIAS will be received by email within the next few business days.

Personal information for the ETIAS Italy

etias italy requirements

In order to apply for ETIAS to visit Italy, British citizens will need to enter some basic biographical information, including contact details and passport data.

The following information must be entered on the ETIAS Italy application form:

  • Full name (as it appears on the British passport)
  • Date and location of birth
  • Nationality
  • Contact details (address, telephone number, email address)
  • Gender
  • Passport number
  • Dates of passport issue and expiry
Travelers who are intending to travel to multiple Schengen countries with the ETIAS must specify the country they plan to visit first. Those who are only going to Italy will simply enter “Italy”.

Each adult must complete their own ETIAS application form themselves. Minors must also be registered with ETIAS before traveling to Italy. Parents or legal guardians may complete the online forms on behalf of their dependent children.

What documents do I need for the ETIAS Italy?

UK nationals applying for the ETIAS for Italy will need a valid British passport, which will not expire for at least 3 months beyond the trip to the Schengen Area.

The details of the traveler’s UK passport must be registered on the online ETIAS application form. This passport must then be used to travel to Italy. If it expires or is lost, stolen, or damaged prior to the trip, the British visitor must reapply for ETIAS, registering the details of their new passport.

etias information

Medical info for UK citizens

etias medical information

There are no vaccinations required by British nationals traveling to Italy. There are very few diseases found in the country that are not found in the UK.

The details of the UK’s relationship with the EU post-Brexit have still not been agreed and both parties continue to negotiate. At the end of 2020, it is likely that all European Health Insurance Cards (EHICs) will become invalid, ending the current arrangement, which entitles British travelers to free emergency medical treatment in the EU.

Unless an agreement is reached, it is highly advisable for British citizens and other non-EU nationals to ensure that they have adequate medical insurance to cover any unforeseen healthcare expenses that might occur during their journey to Italy and back.

British nationals traveling to Italy with prescribed medication for a pre-existing condition should make sure that it is clearly labeled and in its original container.

Italy’s emergency telephone number is 112. If British visitors require an ambulance, police assistance, or the fire brigade during their visit, they should call this number.

ETIAS Italy Benefits for UK citizens

The ETIAS for Italy has many advantages for citizens of the United Kingdom.

The simple online ETIAS application system is user-friendly and it takes a matter of minutes to register the traveler’s details and submit the form. The process is far quicker and more straightforward than going to an embassy to apply for a visa.

ETIAS provides a heightened level of security for Italy and the Schengen Area as a whole. It enables authorities to screen all travelers before they arrive and prevent security risks. This is not only beneficial to the Schengen member states, but also to international visitors as traveling to Italy has never been safer.

ETIAS not only allows British citizens to visit Italy, but also permits entry to any of the other 25 Schengen member countries. It authorizes the holder to spend up to 90 days in the Schengen Area within any 180-day period.

Once registered with the European Travel Information and Authorization System, the British national will have a valid ETIAS for the next 3 years and will be able to enter the Schengen Area, including Italy, multiple times.

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