working in italy as australian

Working in Italy as an Australian

Australians wanting to travel to Italy for up to 3 consecutive months for business and tourism will soon be eligible to apply for the ETIAS for Italy visa waiver through a simple online application. The ETIAS Italy visa waiver will also allow Australians to take part in a short study programme or training course not lasting more than 90 days and that is not the main reason for the trip.

However, Australians who want to work in Italy will find the process of getting a visa a little more complicated. Those who have already secured a job in Italy will be able to apply for a work visa for Australians, while first getting a study visa or a Working Holiday visa for Italy are other valid options, depending on the applicant’s needs.

Travel to Italy with the ETIAS for Australians

Australians traveling for tourism, business purposes, or to study in Italy for less than 3 months and not as the main reason for the trip will be eligible to complete an ETIAS Italy application online.

The shared ETIAS visa waiver program for the 26 Schengen countries is being implemented to improve border security within Europe, and applicants will need to answer a series of questions related to security and health before the ETIAS Italy can be approved.

Before applying, it’s necessary to meet the ETIAS Italy requirements for Australians, including:

  • Having an Australian passport valid for 3 months from arrival in Italy.
  • Providing a current email address to receive the Italian ETIAS for Australians.
  • Paying the ETIAS for Italy fee using a valid credit/debit card.

The Italy ETIAS has a total validity of 3 years from issue, or until the corresponding passport expires, and allows multiple-entry visits to of the Schengen Area countries. Australian travelers can stay in Italy up to 90 days within a 180-day period for tourism or business purposes, including to attend a seminar or conference, but not to work.

How to Work in Italy as an Australian

Australians wishing to work as the main reason for the travel to Australia will be required to get a work visa for Italy. However, this is easier said than done. Australian citizens must already be hired by an Italian employer or have signed a contract to be employed in Italy in the future, in order to apply for an Italian work visa.

It’s necessary to secure a job in Italy before applying, as the Italian employer holds the responsibility of submitting the application for the work visa for Australians.

The work visa may not be issued if the yearly decreto flussi quotas have already been met for Italy. These controls determine how many non-EU citizens can enter Italy and submit an application for a work visa if they meet the requirements.

If the work visa for Australians is approved, the Italian government will electronically send the completed application to the applicant’s nearest Italian Consulate in Australia for processing. The work visa will then be ready to pick up from the Consulate within 30 days.

Although the process for getting a work visa for Italy is strict, there are also other routes that Australians can take to travel to Italy for work. It’s possible to enter Italy on a study visa and work part-time while finding an Italian employer to sponsor the work visa. The Australian and Italian governments have also implemented a Working Holiday Program for Australian citizens in Italy.

The Working Holiday Program in Italy for Australians

Australian citizens between the ages of 18 and 30 who have no dependent children, and who are normally resident in Australia, are eligible to apply for a Working Holiday visa for Italy.

The Italian Working Holiday visa for Australians is available to those who want to enjoy an extended holiday in Italy with work being incidental to the stay as a supplementary means. Upon issue, the traveler has a total of 3 months to enter Italy with the working holiday visa. Upon arriving in Italy, the visa allows Australian citizens a stay of up to 12 months from the date of entry.

To participate in the Working Holiday Program in Italy from Australia, applicants must:

Go to the closest Italian Consulate in Australia to get the Working Holiday visa
Apply for a Permesso di Soggiorno (Residence Permit) at an immigration office within 8 days of arriving in Italy
Submit a request for a Work Permit to the Labour Office through your prospective employer, providing proof of the Permesso di Soggiorno.

Australian Embassies and Consulates in Italy

Australian citizens who wish to travel to Italy with the working holiday program can apply at their closest Italian Embassy or Consulate in Australia:

Italian Embassy in Canberra, Australia
12 Grey Street
Deakin, ACT 2600
Phone: +61 2 6273 3333

Consulate General of Italy in Sydney
19/44 Market St
Sydney, NSW 2000
Phone: +61 2 9392 7900

Consulate General of Italy in Melbourne
509 St Kilda Rd
Melbourne, VIC 3004
Phone: +61 3 9867 5744

Consulate of Italy in Brisbane
8/199 George St
Brisbane City, QLD 4000
Phone: +61 7 3229 8944

Italian Consulate in Adelaide
398 Payneham Rd
Glynde, SA 5070
Phone: +61 8 8337 0777

Consulate of Italy in West Perth
1292 Hay St
West Perth, WA 6005
Phone: +61 8 9322 4500